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I found these circles of amazingness at Costco, and let me tell you, I don’t think I can ever place a morsel of grocery store shelved tortillas in my mouth again. Truly. Now, I am def. one for short-cuts in the kitchen, so seeing that you have to cook them made me apprehensive, but it is so quick. Only 30 seconds per side on a non-stick skillet, and viola- warm, delicious manna. I found myself eating one plain it was so good. And no saturated fat or lard!


DSC_3504 DSC_3502

This travel toy caught my eye when I was pregnant with Evie, but paying 15+ dollars for it? The guilt was too great. However before Audrey was born, a large purchase from Babies R Us that needed to be returned left us with mucho store credit, so I decided to get it. We only use it on the swing since on the carrier it bonks the baby in the head, but I think it’s so cute.



¬†Housewarming gift of this World Market vase. It holds flowers and is pretty to look at. What’s not to love?



Wall hook also from World Market. We have minimal storage space, so I’m all about decorative wall hooks!


This Old Navy tee.


The neon trend kinda screams “highlighter!” to me, so I was surprised that this tee became one of my faves (it doesn’t look too bright here, but the yellow is neon). It’s super comfortable and post-baby front friendly, and also comes in a lot of different colors and prints.

That’s all for now. Go visit Grace this week for more favorites!