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Um, the fact that Michael Buble and Reese Witherspoon recorded a song together. Love.


This perfumed lotion.

Provocative woman lotion

Smells so good, and I use lotion all the time, so win-win! I asked for the perfume for Christmas one year and my mom told me she hesitated to buy it when she saw the name. ;)


Return to Me

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Yes, I am a hopeless romantic and sucker for unrealistic rom coms. But this film is so cute, the restaurant water scene is classic, and the old guys are too funny!


These books for kids.

B is for beach Where are my slippers

Kinda pricey; I wish you didn’t have to buy the CDs with them. But I love the illustrations- done by the author’s wife.


And because a new season is coming…

This Arrested Development moment.

Arrested Development, arm off

After Buster Bluth lost his hand.

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