That’s it. I’m going to join the ranks and plead a Jen (see #1 & 2). Tim had one of his grad classes this week, and I am in need of some venting. When he first started this program I thought taking a week-long class every other month, or so, wouldn’t be too bad.  Well, turns out it stinks. He usually has a mountain of reading/ sometimes writing to do before each class. This occupies much of his time (on top of working full-time), then he usually has a many pages long paper due after the class which…occupies much of his time. The day we brought Audrey home from the hospital he had a research paper due the same night. Yes, that was not fun.

The classes start on Mondays in the evening. Tim usually leaves late afternoon and gets back after 10pm, so at the start of the week I’m kinda like, “Okay, this isn’t too bad.” The girls and I get into a quasi-routine, and it’s nice to not cook full dinners. THEN the classes are all day Saturday, and on Sunday until about noon. After several days of being up at 0600 (or earlier!!!) with the toddler, and then taking care of the baby, who is wide awake until after 2200…I am ready to wave brandish my white flag of surrender!

I’ve heard a few different times that a husband should be granted at least 30 min. to himself to unwind when he comes home at night. Well, you know what? When I’ve had a 15+ hr. day taking care of kids and Audrey is still going strong at 10pm, I’m willing to hand her over to the first life-form that walks through the front door.

When I stopped working full-time I didn’t think weekends would mean the same thing they used to, but they do! And to have a full week with no weekend relaxation to look forward to plain stinks. Sure, I can choose to leave the house and take the girls someplace, but it’s not very relaxing when you’re solo-parenting. Just the thought of loading up the car with gear and both kids makes me shudder. This is why I appreciate drive-thrus. You get out of the house, but minimal unloading and re-loading. Well, I think that’s enough steam to give one a facial. What about you? Any need to vent? No complaint is too trivial, and I promise not to post one comment about silver linings.

*Side note/ edit/ non-caveat: My grandpa worked, put himself through night-school, and raised 3 kids on his own. One of my friends went to a 4-year, out of state college as a single mom. How did they do it?! My respect for them has intensified greatly.