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Several years ago in my former life (anyone else feel like their early 20s  were a lifetime ago?) my friend and I went to see a live taping of The Bonnie Hunt Show (no longer airing). We never really watched the show, but were both fans of Bonnie Hunt, the tickets were free, and we thought it’d be a fun thing to do, so we said “Why not?”. I’m not going to ramble on about the whole ordeal, but it was a cool experience and we even made it on t.v.! (If you’re still reading and care to see, you can glimpse our moment of fame here @ about 2:07)

bonnie hunt

Also- random off-shoot, but the Executive Producer was the hair transplant guy from Return to Me! (Alright, maybe I sometimes forget not everyone is a big fan of that movie.)

Anyways, one of the guests was Christina Hendrix from Mad Men, so everyone in the crowd got the 2nd season of the show on DVD. I am not one to turn down freebies, but I never had any intention to watch the show.  I held onto it thinking I would give it to someone I know or sell it to a used book store. We don’t have cable but we recently purchased a Netflix subscription, and one night while Tim was studying (and since I’d exhausted the chick flicks on instant view), I decided to see what the hoopla over Mad Men was all about.


I don’t know what it is about it but it.is.gripping. Is that the right word? It’s just a really good period drama (well, besides the smut), and I love the fashion. So what is the point of this story? Um, don’t really have one but just to say I found it ironic that I held on to something I never thought I’d watch and ended up really liking the show. The end.