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1. Statement necklaces (first two favs)


I love how they add some punch to an outfit. Now, on a practicality scale they’re about a -5 when you have little kids, but I figure if they break it’s a good lesson for me in detachment.

2. And I like how the come big or small.

3 stone


I’ve only purchased a couple but I’d advise to shop around first. I’ve seen some upwards of $40 and then found similar ones for $15- and I honestly don’t see a difference in the look!

Also, some shops have deals on their FB pages. The shop above recently offered a necklace for 1 cent + shipping.

3. These rosaries

first / second / third

A girl I went to HS with sells beautiful, personalized rosaries in her Etsy shop.

4. Stuffed Avocados

I didn’t take a picture but they looked like this:


I went off of this recipe, but used rotisserie chicken, bell pepper, tomato, red onion, and omitted the oranges. We get avocados from Costco, but sometimes they go bad before we use them all. Enter this recipe! Use the el cheapo rotisserie chicken from Costco, and bam. Dinner done.

5. This hamper used to keep baking sheets, cooling racks, splatter screens etc. in the kitchen.

Hamper (1)

The drawer on the bottom of our oven is flimsy and falls off the rail like that’s its purpose. It’s frustrating to fight with it every time I need something for baking, so this storage idea from Ina Garten does the trick!

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