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Now that summer’s officially started I wanted to share my sole project I aim to complete this summer:


Repainting these chairs that came with the house. Something free! And already here! And should the project goes south at least there was very little $ put into it. ;)

I hemmed and hawed about whether to choose white or to try a color. Well, I decided to be adventurous, so I chose color- mint. (Can’t find a link but it’s Krylon Satin Catalina Mist.)

Speaking of projects, I love all the repainted brass lamps I’ve seen, like:

I love lamp.

I love lamp.


I’m disappointed because one or two were in our new living room when we moved, but I took a 1/2 look at them and decided “giveaway”. Repainting and re-shading them didn’t even cross my mind. And new lamps are so expensive!



I feel I need a Pinterest board for pins I’ve completed. I mean, I feel so accomplished with each completion. It’s not like I’ve managed to put a paper towel holder in place of a faux drawer,paper towel


or build a landing over unused entryway space.



Not even close. But (for me) Pinterest is a space to collect ideas, bits of beauty, recipes, and wishes (as unrealistic as they may be), so when one comes to fruition- Hey! It’s a grand day. (Here’s one of my less than stellar Pinterest attempts.)

A sampling of latest completions:

DSC_3606Using a seashell to decorate pie crust. I hope to find a shell this summer with deeper grooves.

This fruit salsa with cinnamon-sugar tortilla chips


This (heart-attack inducing but please can I just eat the entire bowl) dip.

Have any good Pinterest stories or victories?