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Memorial day saw us in the Urgent Care. Nothing major, Evie had some symptoms that looked suspiciously like pink eye to me, and if it was bacterial I wanted to get her on the ‘biotics of the anti persuasion asap. I wasn’t quite game to have two little ladies each sporting a pink eye. (Ended up not being pink eye! phew.)

Several years ago Tim landed in the ER on Memorial Day after he had a hard fall on his back playing V-ball at the beach. Small amounts of blood kept coming up when he coughed so we headed to the Urgent Care (which was closed) and then the ER just to be safe. He ended up having a CT scan (one of those “probably nothing but just to be sure” situations) which came back negative. Here’s hoping these kinds of visits are not going to recur every Memorial Day!


Tuesday this little lady turned 5 months old!



Can I just say there is something irresistibly cute about chubby baby legs with shoe socks?



Thursday I was blazing a trail around the grocery store with both girls and a man came up to me and said, “Amazing. Moms are just amazing”. He made my day. Not that I feel I’m some spectacular person or that I deserve recognition, but for a complete stranger to come up and offer an affirmation meant a lot. It’s something I need to do more!


Some cute/funny happenin’s around here:

Evie woke up the other night around 0130 crying, so I stumbled into her room to see what was what. She’s been attached to this stuffed puppy at nap/bed times and I noticed it wasn’t in her crib. I asked her if she wanted her puppy, and she said, “Ere is it?” as she wiped her tears away from her tired eyes. It was just one of those precious/ sad moments!


Evie loves to smother Audrey with kisses when she’s (a vulnerable target) in her swing or carrier. Well I guess Audrey’s had enough because this morning she was in her swing in the kitchen when I heard Evie crying- also coming from the kitchen. I went in and saw Evie leaning over into the swing and Audrey pulling Evie’s hair with both fists- looking like she was NEVER going to let go. Ah, sisters.



Finally, non-this week related pictures of our strawberry picking outing a couple of weeks ago.

Hope you have a good start to June! Go visit Jen for much more interesting quick takes.