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Time for the weekly Wednesday link-up!


Cookie dough.


Like, raw? You betcha. Because when it’s too hot to turn your oven on but you really want to sample eat your weight in cookies or cake, cookie dough (more than) suffices.


Thai Green Curry Paste

Thai Green Curry Paste

Hearing “Curry Paste” never quite piqued my appetite, but I assure you this is good. Just follow the recipe right on the bottle and you’ll have a simple and delish meal.


These patterned burp cloths.

Whale burp cloths

I wouldn’t mind spit up if I had these cute burp cloths to drape on my shoulders. ;)


Classic Winnie the Pooh print.

Winne the Pooh map

Came across this cute print on Etsy (click pict. for link).


Horton Vineyards Cranberry Wine.

Cranberry wine

Let’s be honest, some days are long and you just need to imbibe. My sister and I sampled and loved this vino at a wine tasting, and were happy to find it in some local stores. BUT this is one of those wines you could easily drink more than your share so, caution.

Many more favorites over at Hallie’s!