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So, remember CDs? My relic of a CD case has been stashed at my parent’s house for a few years and this week I finally brought it home. I’ve been going through them every time I’m in the car- mostly listening for about 10 seconds and then skipping to the next track, having a good laugh at the songs that played in my Discman throughout high school and that accompanied me through hours of studying in college.


Won’t even zip shut, it’s so full of mellifluous gems.

Several of the songs I completely and utterly forgot even existed:

Teenage Dirtbag *language*

Unpretty– who MADE that video?

Miracles Happen– from Anne Hathaway’s star picture.

Thinking Over– Sing it, Dana!

Barenaked– this one handed me the biggest laugh. When it started I could not for the life of me place who sang it. I wanted to say Ashlee Simpson, but knew that A. I’d never had a CD featuring her amazing vocal stylings, and B. the mixed CD playing was def. before her era. Then it came to me…Jennifer Love Hewitt. Oh yes, she had a music career too.

Lucky– oh Brit…

MMMBop– Sorry, can’t help loving it.

To Win Just Once– Still awesome.

And saved for the very last, since it is graduation season and all, Vitamin’s C’s hit ditty (how did I ever stop listening to it? ;)) Graduation.