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Joining Jen for a late Quick Takes!


Last weekend we were having my sister, her husband, and a priest friend over to bless our little house (only took a year). As I was cleaning that day, I opened the pantry only to see…mouse droppings on the floor. I wanted to cancel our dinner right then and there. The only thing is, having evidentiary support of a mouse’s presence via BM sighting is nothing new. I know- completely gross. I can see we’re never going to have house guests again after this post.

Last summer I was getting ready for work early one morning when I encountered a mouse in the bathroom (rudest awakening). We couldn’t catch it and that day we started noticing it had visited other areas of our house too. After a visit from the bug and rodent man (traps and poison placed in certain areas) we didn’t have any more mouse sightings again. Well, a couple of times since, I’ve found droppings on the pantry floor. There’s a thing of mouse bait there that we hope they go for, so all we can do is clean, clean, clean, and make sure all our dry goods are intact.


That was all TMI- sorry! Anyway, last weekend was the last straw for me. My husband lovingly cleaned out the pantry and caulked all the cracks and holes he could find. Things are looking good *so far*.

last straw


Also that day our AC went kaput (I know I’ve mentioned this once or thrice. Last time, I promise- it’s been fixed!). There’s nothing quite like having guests at your house when it’s 81 degrees inside at 8pm at night. Oh, and Fr. was wearing his full cassock, socks, and shoes- he did not complain once or bat an eyelash when we told him we had no AC- saintly man!!!


We’ve had the AC man out several times in the last 2 weeks, sometimes he has come at 7:30 or 8pm since business has been so busy. He mentioned he and his wife have 4 young kids, so I started thinking about what it must be like for his wife to have her husband working late so often. I know I am not the most gracious soul when I’m taking care of the kids all day and Tim has late meetings several nights in a week! I was grateful to have Mr. AC man give us our bought air back, but I should have also told him, “Tell your wife, “Thank you!'”.


Lately when I stand Audrey on my lap she will immediately start jumping and will jump until the cows come home. I need to start looking for a jumper, but since we have so little space it needs to be relatively compact. Any suggestions?

Picture of our little mover.

Picture of our little mover.


I was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of blog traffic due to a kind shout-out yesterday. To be honest I felt a tad like:


When I saw my name listed.

So I think now is a good time to say a big THANK YOU! to everyone who reads this small potatoes blog. I really appreciate it. And although I don’t really know what I’m doing, I hope to keep on keeping on with this here blog. :)


I’m sure everyone is doing this already, but please pray, pray, pray for Dwija and her little unborn babe. Especially today on the Memorial of the Immaculate Heart of Mary!

“In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph.”- Our Lady of Fatima

Gotta love her.

Go check out superb QTs over at Jen’s! Have a good one!