The past few weekends it seems Tim has had a mandatory event or two to attend for work. This Saturday was no different. At least this time it was only for a few hours, and turning on music and dancing around with the girls truly helped me from paying a visit to “poor me-sville”. Desperate times and all that. Evie loves dancing around and is such a ham (thank goodness she has no clue her mom has zero cool dance moves)!

Later that day we were able to go as a fam to a nearby playground. It was pretty hot but it felt good to get out. Feeling brave, we ended up eating at our favorite Greek restaurant, and our table was right by the entrance where there’s always a line of people to be seated. It was actually perfect because it kept Evie, the ever nosy curious people watcher, quite occupied- lots of subjects to study.

Picture to breakup the wordy post:


Please ignore the tween-themed Hawaiian pillowcase. I’ve given up on matching sheets.

Afterwards we took a stroll around Old Town and stopped for delicious cupcakes. Good thing we can’t fit a double stroller through the bakery door, or I’d be a regular customer, fer sure.

Sunday was…interesting. Evie woke up sobbing at 4am and was really feverish. The noise even woke Tim up! The thing is, I am not the most coherent person in the early hours, and when you throw illness into the mix my mind runs a bit wild. I start thinking, ohmygoodness, she flinched when I turned the lamp on. Sensitivity to light! Does she have meningitis? What if she was bitten by a tick but I never saw it because of her mop of hair? She could have Lyme disease! Yep. things like that.

After I backed down from that cliff  we gave her a bath, and then Audrey woke up from all the commotion. Well, we all ended up in our bed- nothing like family bonding time in the wee hours. That lasted all of 5 minutes, and the final sleeping  arrangements were: Audrey in her pack n’ play, Evie sprawled out on our bed leaving a sliver for Tim, and me on the couch (I felt greedy having so much room to myself).

Of course the early morning made us a bit slow getting ready for mass, so we decided on the 12:30 at a different parish. We rolled into the parking lot at a punctual 12:29 only to find NO parking spots. Every time we’ve attended this church it has never been packed! After cruising around to the front for reconnaissance, we saw a mass of priests and altar boys- first mass for one of the newly ordained, we deduced. We’re happy for him and thankful for vocations, but arriving late with two kiddos in tow to what’s looking to be a long mass= change of mass plans!


AGAIN we ended up at the 5:30pm mass. Maybe one day we’ll get our act together and attend Sunday morning mass. One day. ;)