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I dug through our photo files to find pictures of Tim with our girls when they were newborns. And look what I discovered- same shirt on the days they were born! I wonder if he did that on purpose? I didn’t actually take the one of him holding Evie, but I wanted to compare. :)

(Evie L, Audrey R)

DSC_0223 080

He is definitely a great example to me of how to be a loving, patient parent. Especially late at night!


Our girls have a wonderful dad.



I already had some photos on hand that I used to make Father’s Day cards on Walgreens.com. I am going that route a lot more often in the future- most are only $2, you can personalize it, and you don’t have to loiter in the greeting card aisle for ages trying to decide if you should be sentimental and buy the nice $5 card, or frugal and get the 99 cent folded piece of paper!

Next, my dad holding each of the girls:

mike5 Mike2

He has a knack for getting the grand-babies to fall asleep. Baby whisperer extraordinaire.

And finally, one of my grandpa with Evie. I took this last year on Memorial Day. It is amazing to me how much changes in one year.


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