I’m assuming kids pick up on their names rather quickly. You know, you address them or ask a question using their name and they respond by word or action. Well, Evie does all that, and she’s getting pretty good at naming family members. When I point to Tim, myself, and then Audrey she’ll say, “Dada, Mama, Au-der (we’ll take it)”. But then when we point to her or ask, “What’s YOUR name?” she responds, “YOU!”.


A child named ‘You’.

I started putting together a photo album for her of pictures from her babyhood, and she likes to flip through it now and then. She’ll questioningly point to different faces and sometimes say names out loud. The photos of her are all less than a year old, so she’ll point to them and say “Au-der”. I correct her and tell her they’re pictures of her when she was a baby. One time we went back and forth 5 or 6 times- but she insisted the baby in the picts. was, “AU-DER”.


Evie loves her pacifier and needs it when she sleeps. I know she’s looming in on 2 years strong of pacifier use, but I’m not courageous enough to try and rock that boat yet; I’m quite happy we’ve finally smoothed out the bedtime routine, and I’m grateful she’s (for now) a good sleeper.

Well, more often than not I’m allll ready to put her down for a nap or bedtime, when I realize she doesn’t have her pacifier. Womp womp.

I start looking frantically around the house for A pacifier (even one of the ones labeled for 3-6 month use!) and usually (for kicks) ask her, “Evie, where’s your plug? Where did you put it?”.

Inevitably she’ll put out her hands out in a questioning pose, look around and ask me, “Ere is it? Is it?”. Hence the question I posed to you.


Evie’s 2T suit I just purchased from Zulily. Does ‘T’ stand for tiny and I not know it?

What would we do without humor in our day? ;)