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It’s Thursday so I’m linking up over at Clan Donaldson.

For this weeks theme I wanted a picture of the girls in our wading pool, sprinkler, or something reminiscent of summer, but I have…zilch. So besides winter snow, the best photos I could come up with for “water” are mostly from last summer.

This one is taken somewhere along the road to Hana on Maui:DSC_0142

Love that pure blue water.

Father and daughter:

This one hails from our honeymoon in Belize. It was actually the morning we were leaving- the water was so calm it looked like we were on a lake:Fall Winter 2010 381

You never quitknow what might be lurking below (taken earlier on our honeymoon):
Fall Winter 2010 334

My favorite place evah, Topsail Island, NC. If I could please have my morning coffee with this view everyday, that would be fabulous:DSC_0665

And just because, two “water” songs on my summer playlist I’ve been humming:

Knee Deep 

Shark in the Water– Tim let me know how he felt about this song when I was wondering out loud how it got deleted from our iTunes after I’d recently downloaded it. He said, “Sorry, I thought that was just one of those freebie songs, so I deleted it.” Yep, we have differing music tastes. ;)

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