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If you’d rather not read a post with whining or about shopping, or whining about shopping feel free to skip this blather. I don’t blame you. In shopaholicwriting posts about shopping, I’m a tad afraid of raising suspicion that Sophie Kinsella modeled her Shopaholic character after me, but I can assure you she did not (I think).

I’m sure most moms would agree that shopping online is more manageable than making a trek into a store with kiddos in tow. I do prefer the click and ship mode since dressing rooms ain’t gonna happen with two littles under two. However, lately I seem to have run into some snags with shopping of the online persuasion.

Snag 1. The colors you see on your computer screen might be different than what arrives at your home (duh).

Also could be titled ‘read the whole item description, Lisa’.

Because ‘Neon Persimmon’ means NEON.

Somehow I missed reading ‘neon’ in the title when I ordered these shorts . They looked orangey-coral in the picture and the price was great (the price was cheaper when I ordered them. Boo for raising it!), so I thought, perfect! Imagine my surprise when shorts that could double as reflective wear for night-running arrived at my door. I don’t look good dressed like a traffic cone.


Snag 2. Size matters, but fit matters more.

Also, certain fabrics do not work on my bottom half.

Postpartum with both pregnancies I have gone up and up in pant sizes. Am I the only one who truly eats for two during pregnancy?  The size issue is super frustrating as I don’t relish the thought of wearing maternity pants for months and months and months. I have no idea if I’ll ever size down, so I ordered a couple of non-maternity bottoms in larger sizes to get me through the warmer months. You might remember I thought a maxi skirt would be a fab idea. Well, let me tell you, even if I had ordered the largest size possible, the fabric of this skirt* would still cling to my bulging hips and rear. Not gonna work.

*Nothing against this shop. That skirt just didn’t work for my shape.

Snag 3:  Non-maternity clothes ordered while still pregnant- too small.

When I was pregnant with Audrey So eager was I to wear normal clothes that I ordered a few things during some awesome online sales. I plumb forgot it took months for me shed pounds with my last pregnancy! Also, I get into this brain fog delusion where I’m not sure what size to order, so I order my pre-pregnancy size. I need to learn to just resist shopping during pregnancy.


Snag 4: Items that are TOO popular.

You might have seen this post about a cute swimsuit found at Walmart. I’ve been looking for a suit, and loved the price ($20!),  so I purchased one the day I read the post. They had all the sizes in stock and plenty of colors available. It arrived pretty quickly to my front stoop, but the suit was too big. Note to self: if you’re unsure about sizes, ORDER MORE THAN ONE! The next day I went online to order a smaller size,  and of course they are plenty sold out. Also the price went up 5 buckaroos. Could it be they caught wind of that free advertisement and rise in the item’s popularity???

For the love, all I want is to order a swimsuit that is not worth one of my limbs. How is it so hard?!

Maybe I should just see these snags as a sign and take Simcha’s advice for my summer wardrobe and wear a paper bag. ;)