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Joining the ladies over at Fine Linen and Purple for WIWS!

Tim is taking two online classes right now, and is in the midst of heavy reading/ researching/ writing for a big paper due Wednesday. That plus several late evenings of work last week (for him) has me counting the hours until this paper madness is past! BUT I was able to go to mass with just Audrey today, which was a peaceful break. *Minor caveat* I made it into the parking lot just on time, and as I was getting her out of the car to go into mass I noticed she had #2ed her diaper. Aaand it was the kind where containment of the offending contents is not possible- it was all over her dress. Really?! Let me just say I’m super thankful mass was uneventful and that she was an angel.

Here’s what I wore:


Outfit info:

Top: a little boutique in San Clemente

Skirt: Loft (consigned)

Sandals: Sole Society

This is one of my all time favorite tops. It’s really soft and actually pretty long (kinda tunic length?). I’ve had it over 5 years and will keep wearing it until it falls to shreds!

 Fine Linen and Purple is the place for Sunday best. Have a good one!