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Joining Jen for survival mode Quick Takes.

Let’s start off on a high note, shall we?


This happened (again):


To give you some perspective, lest it appear to be a small scribble:

Fleeting profile shot of The Crayon Artist caught on camera.

Fleeting profile shot of The Crayon Artist caught on camera.

Roughly translated: “Evie was here.”

But to me it reads: “You will never escape The Crayon Artist. No wall will go untouched.” (emphasis hers)

(And, yes, the crayons have been removed from sight until Evie moves out.)


I used our ice cream maker to make Caramel Pecan ice cream, which turned out to be an utter flop. It was so sweet I was waiting for ketoacidosis to set in. It was pretty much inedible.


Bowl of frozen misery :(

After apologizing to Tim a second time for the dessert bust he said, “It was good…for the first tablespoon. Then you realize ‘Wow, this just won’t let up, will it?'”.

Sums it up pretty nicely.


BUT I made Ina Garten’s Peach Cake on Sunday which turned out pretty well if I do say so myself.


Previous flop forgotten.


Only photo in existence of me and the girls.


Lately Tim’s work/ school schedule has had him out of the house until 8 or 9 most evenings. I’m getting used to it, but sometimes I feel like everything snowballs in the evenings. Trying to make dinner, both girls needing multiple things at once, cleaning up after dinner, dinner dishes (done the same night *maybe* 40% of the time), baths/ bedtime routines…And then I realized,

I DO NOT HAVE TO MAKE A FULL MEAL! I’m sure Tim would rather find a sane wife than a crazed lunatic when he comes home. So, I’m keeping it super simple on those nights- breakfast, frozen pizza, leftovers, leftover crumbs, etc.


That seems so obvious, but it took me a while to realize it.

With certain life events you KNOW you will be in survival mode, but eventually you get used to the new normal. However, I find (for myself) I have to dip back into survival mode now and then, then transition back into normal life. Jen’s awesome post was quite timely.


So here’s a simple-ish meal we had this week:

Bruschetta with roasted asparagus

Bruschetta with roasted asparagus

I usually steam asparagus, but it tasted so much better roasted, plus it didn’t require the use of a pot! Humdinger. And don’t you just love fresh summer ingredients?


So many people in the blogosphere are moving (in the real world), and the thought of ever packing up our house puts me in panic mode. We have so much clutter. So many little things lying around that even if put away, eventually find their way onto the floor thanks to Evie. This has made me want to go through the house and ask myself, Do we really use/ need this?


Plus everywhere else.

Of course I know this will take time but I’m willing to start small! Drawer by drawer, shelf by shelf. Git it outta here.

Have a good weekend, and stop by Conversion Diary for more QTs!