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Linking up at Camp Patton this Wednesday while Hallie’s preparing for her big trip!



A place I’d love to dine at:


It is a fancy-shmancy restaurant that offers a 7 course prix-fixe menu, which changes every week or so. The closest I got to this restaurant was the bridal shop next door, when placing an order for a bridesmaids dress. Maybe someday if I win the lottery…


A place I’d love to see:

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The Blue Grotto in Capri, Italy.

I almost saw the Grotto Azzura while on a trip to Italy in high school. We waited outside in a boat for over an hour but never got a glimpse of that beautiful blue- something about the boatmen were on strike or refusing to go inside because of the rough current…Well, I am determined to go back, so those men + currents better cooperate next time.


Something I love:


Photo of a photo from my camera. High-tech? Always.

Our double jogging stroller. Yes, it’s large and in charge, but Audrey’s carrier snaps right into it, it has great storage underneath, I can fit my chilled beverage of choice and an ejected-from-the-seating-area sippy cup on top, plus the steering is fabulous.

Bonus: it has an MP3 hook-up, which I honestly, maybe rolled my eyes at a little when I saw that- I didn’t think I’d ever, ever use it. But it is great for when we’re on walks! We love it.

I’ve also compiled a list of stores I can navigate this shuttle through-i.e. Kohls. My answer to their measly “carts”.


A dee-lish recipe:

Peach and Blueberry Crumble.

We had fruit in our fridge in danger of spoiling, so I did what any allegiant pinner would do and logged on to Pinterest as fast as my fingers would type, to find a recipe.


Baking individual portions isn’t really my thing, but my aunt passed 4 of these soup bowls? ramekins? onto me, which happened to be perfect-o for this recipe. They get used mostly for salad or cut-up fruit, so I loved having an excuse to bake with them!


This truth:


Thanks to Grace for hosting! Go check out many more favorites here.