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During my grocery shopping trip this week, I found a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad thing at Wegmans. In their bakery section they sell individual slices of heavenly looking cake. So I did the charitable thing and purchased a slice of chocolate (support cocoa bean farms and all). Evie and I shared it for a snack, and had our share of sugar highs and crashes that afternoon. But it tasted so, so good. I ate it too fast to even snap a photo, but here’s proof:


Proof of purchase.


Audrey isn’t crawling or sitting up on her own yet, but she’s in that explorer stage where she never stays in one spot when she’s put down.

Catch me if you can!

Catch me if you can!


I know there are many great blogs out there with posts of hilarious and endearing things their kids say, and that probably only family will only be interested in this, but I have to share a few Evie-isms that were uttered this week. Feel free to skip the next 3 takes!


One night after putting Evie down Tim and I could hear her chatter for a long while in her crib. All of a sudden we heard escalating, “Uh-ohs!”coming from her room. And then, “UH-OH! Jee-us!”. Tim went in to see what was what, and found her standing up with a concerned look on her face, trying to re-hang the crucifix she had knocked down from her wall. That girl is something else. And this reminds me I need to re-hang it out of reach…


I might be little, but I’m wily!


I’ve never been able to get Audrey to take a pacifier- she doesn’t seem to know what to do with it. Well one day I put her in Evie’s crib right after Evie woke up, and she grabbed Evie’s pacifier (we call it a plug) from Evie’s mouth and promptly popped it in her own mouth. Evie looked shell-shocked for about a millisecond before she snatched it right back and admonished, “NO.EAT.PUG.AU-DER”.


We were stopped at a red light the other day when I heard Evie say, “oooh-ess-ay! oooh-ess-ay!…Fwag!”. Sure enough I looked over and there was an American flag hanging from a building. Our cute little patriot.


Just a little PSA- I changed my email address for my WordPress and Google accounts. Why I had different ones for both accounts is a mystery, but now they are under the same (new) account. Not one with my maiden name, and not one with some dorky address circa the dawn of email.


Well, did you survive these thrilling takes? If so, head over to Jen’s for better ones. Have a good one!