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Joining Jen a day late, or is it a week early?


I am composing these takes at the ungodly hour of 0430 as Audrey is wide awake with no promise of ever sleeping again. Yesterday was rough and it took me a while to pin-point exactly what was rough about it because both girls were in pretty good spirits and really good when we were out running errands. Then around 10pm when Audrey was STILL awake it hit me- there was never a moment yesterday when both girls were asleep at the same time! When there isn’t simultaneous napping, it kicks me in the behind. Moms who cope with no naps are CHAMPS.

Audrey’s a pretty good/regular napper but two different times yesterday she fell asleep in the car right before we got home, and I can always bet my bottom dollar that the sleep will be short-lived once we arrive home. Whatever lack of sleep trick she’s performing is horrid, and the only possibility I can think of is- somehow she’s getting a hold of stimulants.


BUT, on a bright note, my brother posted this on his FB wall/timeline whatever they’re called now:

It’s just a little morsel, but as Michael Scott would say, ” I just want to taste it… I just want a lil’ taste of it.

Tim refuses to watch any teaser/ trailers until the new season, but after last season’s ending I need whatever the opposite is of closure!


Lately, Evie has entered a “big helper” phase. She loves picking up the diapers that miss the trashcan, unpacking groceries, and throwing trash away. Although sometimes it happens to be a brand new bottle of garlic powder or one of her toys, but I digress. Recently Miss Independent took it upon herself to help pack the diaper bag:


125ml bottle of perfume- clearly a diaper bag staple.


And mentioning of toys, Tim’s comment, while navigating our toy littered living room after both girls were down, had me laughing:

“It’s like an audio minefield.”

Toys sans sound are a parent’s best friend.


I haven’t mastered many hairstyles- mainly high messy bun and low messy bun, and some sort of simple braid, so I’m trying to branch out a little. Since Pinterest offers a variety of tutorials, I thought I’d try out the popular Top Knot.


Eh, I don’t think it looks all that different from a messy bun, but I’m hoping for better results the longer I grow my hair out.


Do you check all meat with a thermometer when cooking? Reminders are always posted on meat packaging, recipes, etc. but the two thermometers we owned consistently gave low temperature readings so I stopped checking! That is until Tim bought a digital one. It gives a rapid (and I presume accurate) reading that is NOT consistently 40 degrees below the target temp.!! Where have they been all my life?!

Thus concludes my insipid takes. Visit Jen for all the good ones!