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Evie’s 2nd birthday is tomorrow, but we celebrated with my family this past weekend…so this is going to be one of those “Would you like some more post with your photos?” posts. ;)

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I think my favorite part was watching her face as we sang to her…

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And it was so cute to watch her attempts at blowing out the candles. Hopefully we’ll have many more birthdays to work on that! Luckily my nephew is the unofficial candle snuffer in our family, so he helped us out:


Ol’ Reliable

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My sister graciously helped put everything together for Evie’s big day. I thought I’d pared down the decorations/ food prep pretty well, but I’m thinking of simplifying things even more for future birthdays, as the list of things to lug over to my parent’s house was pretty long! I like Reesa’s idea for family celebrations, and after I read Kristen’s mention of having hotdogs + burgers I couldn’t believe it didn’t cross my mind to do that before!!  Any birthday traditions you use with your fam? I’d love to hear them!