Oh, Evie. Where to begin. I felt like your first year went by slowly and I was always so eager for you to grow and reach whatever milestone was next (I guess I should have realized that you would do things on your own time when you arrived twelve days late!), but then I blinked and somehow you turned two.

You are our social butterfly, Chatty Cathy, and Miss Clavel all rolled into one.DSC_3260DSC_3256

You’re very observant of others, always concerned if someone is “Okay?” when they trip/fall/bump/cry. One time at mass you even noticed someone’s shoe coming off as they were kneeling and you immediately cried out, “Uh-Oh! Shoe!”.

You love to be around people, especially your cousins, grandparents, uncles, and aunts. Actually, I don’t think there’s anyone you don’t enjoy being around. It breaks my heart, though, sometimes when we’re out and about and you eagerly try to chat people up, but they don’t notice you. B&W

You humble me and make me laugh at my “parenting backfires”. I tried for so long to teach you to say, “Help please” when you needed something, and now all day long I hear “Hep? Hep? Hep? Hep?” until I aid you with whatever you need- you are EXTREMELY good at asking for help.

And then the other night I put you in your room for timeout, and when I came to get you, you were standing precariously on your toy table placed strategically to reach the top of your bookshelf. I’m not sure who was more surprised that time- you at being discovered, or me at the discovery of your stunt?


You love to see the reactions of your dad and me when you steal a cell-phone, chuck food on the floor, throw the mangoes like a ball, color on furniture, etc. And you definitely give me a plethora of chances to practice patience (although I often fail), but, oh, how you keep things upbeat. One of my favorites was last night when I asked who else you wanted to pray for and you said, “How ’bout. Red ball.”


Your reactions are adorable when someone makes a big deal out of your outfit, an accomplishment, or of your being a big helper. You thrive with praise.


You are such a loving big-sister to Audrey and I can’t wait to see the two of you grow up together. Just please go easy on me in the preteen and teenage years, okay? Thanks.

There are a zillion more things I could say but I’ll stop for now.

Happy Birthday, Eviegirl! I love you!