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Somehow whenever I glance at the title “Conversion Diary” I read it in my mind as “Conversation Diary”. I don’t know why one would have a diary that converses, but that’s what my brain wants to think.


Recently I was viewing my library fines for overdue books online and noticed a fine for not picking up a book I requested several months ago. I voiced aloud that I had never seen any notice in my email that the book was ready (although, the fault was most likely mine, as my email inbox is a *little* out of control).

Tim’s response: “You basically need an inbox intervention.”



Have you read Mary’s 5 Favorites post yesterday about runway fashion? I enjoyed it- have a look.


Speaking of fashion trends-

Can we please all agree that these are the worst things ever?


The 80s called and said under NO circumstances does it want these horrid things back.



This made my day yesterday:


A basket of fresh veggies from our neighbor’s garden! This summer I’ve been buying produce mostly from the grocery store, and every so often from the Farmer’s Market, as our veggie plants have yielded a bumper crop of exactly 2 small tomatoes, and one tiny bell pepper. At least I didn’t set the bar too high for future years!


Can I just say that coming up with good clothing finds at a thrift store gives me a thrill? I’ve only made a handful or thrift store stops over the past few years and always had blah experiences which made me want to go even less, even though I love thrifting! Well, I went out by myself on Saturday and found a couple of shirts that I really like, along with several things for the girls. The prices were dirt cheap, AND I thought I hit the jackpot when I found a whole rack of belts, but then I found two more crates full of them! I had to muster every milliliter of self-control in my being not to dig like a mad women through them- they were only 99 cents each! I had hoped to find a brown braided belt, but alas, none fit. I’ll be back though.


Some of the goods


I went into work at 4:30 this morning. Okay, I never, ever thought I would intentionally choose to go into work at such an hour. But it was actually nice! It was quiet and I was able to get a lot of paperwork finished. The getting up part was tough, tough, tough, but the thought of drinking my coffee truly helped.


That is all. Have a good weekend, and visit Jen for more takes!