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We recently returned from vacation with my side of the family (oh, hello real life), so in between loads of laundry I’m a gonna just dust off the ol’ blog here and attempt to type up a post.

Our destination was a little place called Topsail Island in NC. I may have mentioned it a time or many before, but it is one of my favorite places. My little slice of peace and tranquility, and a haven to just chill out.

It’s a low-key, one stop-light beach town, and my family spent a week there every summer for years and years. Once my older siblings started high school and took up summer jobs, we stopped our summer trips there. Now that we’re all out of college we’ve decided to try and do a real-deal yearly family vacation again.

Like any place, shops and businesses have come and gone, but the feel of the Topsail doesn’t change, and the beaches are beautiful. I just love it.

PicMonkey CollageA



The Sound.

Do you have a “place”? Maybe your hometown, a relative’s house, or a vacation spot in the mountains? Maybe it’s a place you can retreat to several times a year, or possibly you only make it once every several years. For one of my friends her “place” is the charming historic town where she attended college, and one of my SIL’s says Assisi is her favorite place on earth. Whatever it is, I’d love to hear about yours!


(Disjointed segue into photo dump)

Okay, I mentioned “peace and tranquility” above but I think we all know that lots of people in one house (not to mention taking trips with your kids) does not always a serene environment make. Still, we had an over-all great time (thanks in part to my dad’s almost nightly margaritas), and if I could spend my life on the beach I would be one happy bum.

During our trip there was an amazing display of weather patterns:

PicMonkey CollageB PicMonkey CollageC

We had quality cousin/aunt/uncle/grandparent time:

PicMonkey CollageD


DSC_4892 DSC_5113

And saw some interesting traffic hold-ups…


How they transported that house down that tiny street I’ll never know.

Some favs:





Audrey kept trying to pick the doll crib up and eat it…


Evie kept trying to sit in it.

So now we’re back to reality and getting into our daily groove. Over and out, for the time being.


This just in- I happened to find by accident that if you delete photos from your media library they get deleted from your posts too. SO, many former posts are now sans pictures (perils of trying to make more media space).This is obviously top on the reasons why I should not have a blog! Really over and out.