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Joining Jen and crew for some Friday takes!


There’s a local paper that delivers its issues free to area residents. It’s really low-key district news like, Local Realtor has big business success again with return of Cicadas. It’s amusing to read, though, and hey- without it I might have never learned of the R.O.M.E.Os or that the area down the road where Tim has his office was once a military intelligence facility started during World War II, and had important impact during the Cold War.


Anyways, Tim was perusing it the other day and saw an article that mentioned my older brother, with him in a group shot to boot! So pretty much we’re famous… ;) (Kidding, but I did think it was pretty neat, and of course I’m gonna clip it.)


You've Got Mail


We don’t watch movies often, but there are a handful of flicks that I dutifully view every year (depending on the season), and You’ve Got Mail is one I love to watch every fall (I love deep, introspective movies). It’s a classic, and one that gets quoted oft with my female relatives.

“I bet you [watch] that [movie] every year. I bet you just love that [Joe Fox]. And your sentimental heart just beats wildly at the thought he and well, you know, whatever her name is, are truly, honestly going to end up together.”

You bet I do.


Somehow I forgot to add these little gems to my favorites list on Wednesday:


Pardon the torn label due to a hurried opening.

So, so good. This sea-salt-on-everything trend is quite to my liking!


I have a nice little stack of books to read that have all come highly recommended by different folk, and I would love to just spend hours getting lost in them in a nook like this:



or maybe this one:



Last week I finished The Storyteller. I really did enjoy it but am not sure how I feel about the ending. I loved how there were different stories that intertwined and some good twists, though.

The Storyteller


(Spoiler alert?)

A large chunk of it dealt with the Holocaust, and I truly found some of those parts difficult to get through. I found myself wanting to just shut the book and block it out at times, but I knew that because of that inclination I needed to keep reading, you know? It’s a fictional book but the author researched quite a bit to make it historically accurate, and I think it was reading the heart-wrenching and horrific tales of specific persons (albeit fictional) that affected me deeply.


Taking a self-absorbed turn here…

Is it obnoxiously cliché to complain about teething? Well, then sorry for the cliché chorus, but teething is just plain brutal! Maybe we went through the same thing with Evie? Maybe we didn’t? My brain is too foggy to recall. But you know that quote from Les Mis, “Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise”? It doesn’t apply to teething because the rough night ends and you still have all day with a fussy, clingy baby who will not be put down. I know I probably sound heartless, but it’s so draining to get minimal time to recharge at night and take a break from the crazy.


On that note, I hope you have a great weekend! Head on over to Jen’s for top-notch takes.