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Linking up with FL&P for some What I Wore Sunday! It’s one of my favorite link-ups but it’s been difficult to get Sunday outfit snapshots lately.

So here’s what I wore:


You’ve seen everything before except the wedges- antiques from Payless.


Switching gears…

There are a myriad of beautiful, thought-provoking posts on NFP out there written by people a million times more eloquent than I, and to be honest, although we are faithful Catholics and 100% agree with/ follow the Churches teachings, I do stuggle with NFP at times (I like how Stephanie put it).  That being said, I just wanted to weigh in about a pro-NFP comment (with a twist) by a non-Catholic, written on another blog.

“Having been brought up to believe that sensible responsible Protestant people used contraception so that they had a respectable number of kids like decent people, I was surprised to find that the whole thing felt kind of odd. So, what are we doing here? We’re putting a rubber thing on so that the thing that we’re doing doesn’t actually work? It’s a bit like chewing up your food and then spitting it out again. Or, even worse, I’m taking this little pill that fools my body into thinking that it’s pregnant so that I have all the side effects of pregnancy without the actual baby. Weird!

Don’t get me wrong. I understand *why* we do this. It’s so that we can feel all the closeness of sex without having more babies than we can manage/afford/plan our careers around. But I’m an idealist. I want to have the real thing and live in the real world. I just wish there was a way of doing that without having 14 kids or having to chart your cycles every day!”

Here  are some initial thoughts I had (and please feel free to weigh in):

First off, I thought her reasoning (against contraception) was spot-on, and greatly like the way she worded it. Having grown up Catholic I’m always amazed at others who come to the truth on their own- especially something as counter-cultural as NFP.

Next, “I just wish there was a way of doing that without having 14 kids.”

 I have to say that is the most common argument (excuse?) I’ve heard against using NFP. From a purely biological (and worldly) standpoint, isn’t it interesting that even if one knows their body/cycles/fertility signs, NFP is still viewed as “a shot in the dark” (PLEASE do nooot think I am trying to spark a debate about using NFP to avoid or achieve pregnancy). But doesn’t knowledge empower us and help us with our choices?  I guess that’s our human nature though- looking for certainties and the easy way in life (that is something I am oh so guilty of). And I guess that’s why people feel “safe” with contraceptives, It almost seems like a “control my body for me” mentality. One less thing to worry about.

I hope this doesn’t come off as a condemning post, my intention is not to point fingers. I just truly find people’s reasons for using contraception intriguing, and really liked this woman’s take on the gift of our fertility.

Here’s the twist- she later posted left a comment that she did indeed start using NFP! She mentioned, “I would love it to work as the pill makes me SO depressed and miserable and I wouldn’t mind the periods of abstinence, I just don’t want to make a commitment and then have to embarrassingly backtrack at a later stage!”. If you have a minute today, please say a prayer for her. Thanks!

Have a good week, and thanks to the hosts over at Fine Linen and Purple!