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It’s Wednesday so I’m linking up with Hallie, the hostess with the most-est favorites.


I was slow to warm up to the Leopard print kick, but my hesitation has since waned after seeing it styled in so many outfits. I think my favorite way to see it worn is with accessories, namely shoes. Namely these pumps:

Leopard pumps


I’m not looking to buy a pair (translated: resisting a splurge) but it’s fun to look all the same. :)


Classic skirts. Need I say more?

Sunny Blog 4

Pockets and a detachable bow!


Kelly Blog 8-01


These are in a new line by Leanne Barlow– there are 4 colors in all. Swoon.


This former post by Hallie about a unique space for yourself. In her post she describes, “a space filled with things that fill you with joy and peace; a space whose goodness only you can fully appreciate.”

I think, for me, it’s the above wall in our little kitchen. It’s nothing fancy but I love so many things about that space, especially the colors.  We were recently given the pub table which really made the space for me. Extra surface space in the kitchen is always a bonus (um, if the clutter can be kept at bay)!


This Pride and Prejudice ornament with Jane Austen’s silhouette 

P&P ornament


This Jane Austen Mouse Mat

mouse mat

Are mouse mats almost obsolete? Well, at any rate I find this one so fun to look at. :)

Have a good one, and be sure to stop by Moxie Wife for more favs!