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Okay, the title’s a little heavy on the cheese, but I couldn’t help it. Anyways, linking up with Jen for some quick takes!


I’ll start with the birds.

Have you seen Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds? If so, then you’ll know why this view from our kitchen window creeped me out a bit…DSC_5309 DSC_5308 DSC_5312DSC_5313

Ok, so these pictures are a little pathetic. I promise you, they do not show the multitude of freaky feathered fiends that were lurking in our yard.  They were all over the lawn and in the dogwoods eating their fill of those berries. I can handle it just as long as they don’t start following me around…


I am rejoicing that Sunday marked Tim’s (hopefully) last class for his masters program! He only has 2 more credits to go, and he’s hoping he can do some kind of independent study. Here’s hoping!!!

The girls and I went to a local market Sunday morning which was a saving grace, as I was about to buy my ticket for the crazy train.  It was a loong week and that morning I knew we just needed to get in the car and go somewhere!

The market is a fun little place nearby with all kinds of country-ish trinkets for sale, produce from its own farm, meats, baked goods, and a plethora of dry goods and seasonal staples. Plus it has an outdoor area where kids can run around. I ended up going back yesterday with my mom, SIL, niece and nephew.


My mom was a good sport and went down the big slide several times with the kiddos:DSC_5350 DSC_5352

There’s another slide that’s a *tad* smaller, which the kids also liked:


~ Evie’s 25th time “sliding” down

Audrey was a tropper hanging out in her ride:DSC_5354


They also have a corn maze and a little train which will be operational later in the season. I’ve never been in a corn maze, so I’m determined to come back for it!




Another favorite was feeding the goat:


Bravery, if I do say so myself.



Ever get excited about wearing a new pair of shoes? Evie and her head of hair were having a little dance party after donning a new (to her) pair of shoes this week.

 DSC_5268 CSC_5316 CSC_5315

One of my sisters kindly gifted us a bag of hand me down toddler shoes and many of them are the size Evie juuust grew into. Score!


IT IS THE WEEKEND. Have a good one!


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