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I would like to request my own show. Because, please, finishing/ completing two whole craft projects over the weekend? Yes, I’m that good. (end sarcasm)

But seriously, I am kinda proud of myself since it’s not often I do/ successfully complete DIY projects! They aren’t anything amazing to behold, but being so productive made me feel quite accomplished. I’m sure Mr. Darcy would have disagreed but I’d like to think Mr. Bingley would have given me a hearty, “Job well done!”. ;)

On to the goods- Do you remember the chairs I decided to work on back in May? Finally finished:


Then a lot of sanding, washing down, priming, and spray-painting…

DSC_5449(I used Krylon’s Catalina Mist for the color.)

I’m hesitant to give close-ups as there are many evident flaws, but I feel they now give off more of a “sit and have a chat” vibe, as opposed to “plop down if you dare”.

Now, outdoor cushions? Expensive! I found some on clearance at one store…for 22$ each. Pass. I was originally looking for something with coral or yellow in it to go with the mint but when I found these cheap seat buffers for $6 each at an outlet store I snatched ’em right up.

Moving on to the next projo- a fall wreath.

I bought a basic grapevine wreath from Hobby Lobby along with a small bunch of fake leaves, and some lace-covered burlap (LOVE). I liked the look of the grapevine, so I didn’t want to completely cover it with the fake foliage and melted glue…


I then added some goldenrod from our yard and voila!


Autumn can now begin.

That’s about it! Any fall decorating you’ve been doing? Please dish…