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Joining Jen’s famous Friday linkup over at Conversion Diary.


I know this goes without saying but going by actual measurements rather than a numbered size truly makes a difference when purchasing clothes. In the past my lazy self never thoroughly compared measurements (if offered) when buying clothes online.

Never more. It is wonderful to buy something and NOT HAVE TO RETURN IT due to sizing issues.returns



I liked what this blogger had to say on the matter, suggesting that every woman should own a tape measure.

Sizing across clothing labels varies so widely, it’s almost impossible to be the “same size” in every brand.  Shipping exchanges back and forth can be costly and even worse can take a lot of time.  If you understand your own measurements you can avoid frustration and get a better fit on the first try.”


And here’s something I realized regarding pant length. I need to order pants short. I never considered myself short, but I am finding that the inseams for regular pants are just too long (most of the time)!  Even when wearing heels, my regular length bootcut jeans are bunching up and dragging on the ground.

Such an unsightly…sight.



How do you feel about dressing for fall? To be honest, I LOVE the weather, but I always seem to have difficulties deciding how to dress once summer goes on the move. The morning temps start out in the 40s or 50s but by mid-afternoon the thermostat is reading in the 70s!  I end up dressing to either chill or swelter. Since layering is obv. the key I’ve been missing, I thought I’d share a few wardrobe favs I’ve discovered for fall.

Long or “Boyfriend” cardigans


I like the light-weight material of this one, and below are a couple of cute ones I glimpsed on the ‘net (click pict. for link).

Loft cardicn6791903




I picked these up at Payless and the material is super duper comfortable…buuut they seriously lack any sort of support for my plantar surfaces. BUT they’re cute, so they win.



Patterned scarf

Scarf from Conversation pieces

(I couldn’t shake the rigid and awkward pose. There were too many embarrassingly close calls of cars and neighbors happening by while I was trying to get photos.)

J. Crew factory never ceases to taunt me with their cute but over priced merchandise:

(click pict. for link)

17552_WE8700 17552_WE8746




Super old picture, but I still have/love/wear the hat.

I know most people either love or hate hats, but I am all for them! There’s a lady at the church my parents belong to who wears a hat every Sunday- each one perfectly matching her dressy outfit. I want to know where she shops so I can be her when I grow up.

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Have a good one.