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Is, well, you know- another man’s treasure. Or at least trappings for my home. ;)

Lately I’ve been inspired to search venues of previously owned goods more often, by Liz who always has exciting secondhand finds, Jenny’s jackpot bargains, and this list of 9 Thrift Shop Nursery Finds.

Well, this house down the road was recently for sale:


via MRIS.com

And I about died because I would LOVE to inhabit that dwelling (built-ins, sun room, updated kitchen, pool, tree house!), but no pigs were flying in our direction, and it also went under contract rather quickly. Anyways, this past weekend the people who were moving held an estate sale, and we decided to stop by. I think most of the furniture was picked over by the time we ambled along, but an old suitcase caught my eye. I was going to offer $5 but was afraid the sellers would think me too cheap. Ha- they asked $1 for it! Okay, it’s a *little* beat up, so I’m sure every other person at the sale thought it was not even worth 1 measly cent, but I am super happy with it!DSC_5507DSC_5531DSC_5511 DSC_5514

If only it had timeworn travel stickers gracing the sides…

I’m thinking of using it for book storage, or at least put it on top of a wooden box and call it an end-table. We’ll see.

Yesterday I found this little gem at a thrift store. I’d been eyeing some cute doll cradles that have graced the Home Goods shelves of late, and was so happy that this one was a fraction of the price!


While I do enjoy the thrill of the hunt that comes with bargain shopping, I get dis-enchanted at times when I go to my favorite thrift store and don’t find anything.  I just need to remind myself to hold out for the good finds. ;)