If you’re ever thinking of leaving the room for 2 seconds while your toddler is eating yogurt…don’t.

A new level of crazy has recently settled over our household. Actually, make that just the toddler, who in turn is driving us (me) absolutely psycho. For many, many months Evie has been great about settling down for naps and bedtime. We read stories, I hold her and say a blessing, she turns to the side, and I put her in her bed. Then one horrid day a switch was flipped and for some weeks now (maybe only 2- an eternity) the millisecond I softly close her door she SCREAMSYELLSCRIESSOBS at the top of her lungs. I’ve tried several times to let her cry it out, to no avail.  If I come back in her room, she stops immediately– basically she does not want to be alone. I’ve noticed this in other areas- she starts getting worried if neither Tim nor I are in the same room she is during the day. Today in her ballet class she wanted me to hold her the majority of the session.DSC_5383

Sure, that’s all good and wonderful and I know one day I will miss her wanting me to hold her, but with a 9 month old around I can’t exactly sit in Evie’s room for however long until she falls asleep and let the crawler have the run of the house. But of course, how can you possible reason with a toddler? I try to reassure her, tell her I am not going “bye bye”, turn on her nightlight at night, tell her Jesus is with her and her angel is watching over her, to remember that Elmo slept in his “big boy bed” bravely by himself (I am positively lunging at straws!!!)…but 98% of the time she still freaks out.

I hope this face is assurance that she will never give in to the crazy racket.

I hope this face is assurance that she will never give in to the crazy racket.

Except for the weekends, I’m usually doing the girls’ bedtime solo, and Evie’s new screamfest-unless-someone-is-with-me has thrown a light wrench into the routine.

Also, random but, several times I’ve come back into the room to find her bed covered in books, toys strewn all over, and Miss Screamsalot decked out in her rain boots and wearing 2 headbands. I wish I could ask her, “What was your thought process for all that during this relentless screaming?”.

Boots- footwear of choice for tantrumming toddlers.

Boots- footwear of choice for tantrumming toddlers.

The other side of this is that she is not sleeping well, either. If I finally get her down for a nap, it’s *maybe* an hour, and I know she needs more! And each morning she wakes up crying between 5 and 5:30 (sometimes even earlier) and it’s the same very old thing- the crying won’t stop until one of us is with her. Did I mention sleep is one of my very favorite things, and I am not one to function on small or shortened amounts?CSC_5326

So I am clinging to the hope that this is a very brief phase that will never repeat itself. I am trying to pray through it, to be patient, and to strive for selflessness but it is tough, and I have failed several times. Sorry for the complaining rant; I’m all done for today.