My poor husband has been subjected to my many complaints about the constant rain, so I shall now turn to my blog with said complaints (*sorta* kidding). But it has been raining almost non-stop since Thursday!! Soggy leaves and dreary weather do not make for an enjoyable fall. If the sun ever returns, I’ll be forever grateful. :)

Both girls were handfuls today at mass and I felt so sorry for everyone sitting around us. At the sign of peace the lady next to us smiled and said, “Your girls are adorable”- what a kind, patient woman! It made me think of all the times I have the opportunity to offer kind words to strangers and instead remain silent.

Well, here’s what I wore to mass:CSC_5656

Sweater: DownEast Basics

Skirt: Loft via yesterday’s rummage sale

Tights: Ross

Shoes: DSW

You can’t really tell, but the tights are purple. This is the first time I’ve worn them, and probably the most adventurous I’ll ever be with colored tights. :)

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