I was starting to put together a post for 5 favorites but it was just not comin’ along, so instead here’s a glimpse of our week.

The glorious sun has returned (!!) so we are soaking it up through sweaters in the mornings:

DSC_5704DSC_5736 pumpkin2

(Aaand for the record no one in our family is a Rams fan. ;) )

This sweater was sent to us from my MIL before Evie was born- it belonged to Tim when he was a baby. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a size inside and I didn’t try it on Evie until she could barely squeeze into it, so I was determined to get a picture of Audrey wearing it!

I tried to get pictures of Evie with the pumpkins but she was more interested exploring the yard. :)DSC_5668DSC_5686 DSC_5674 DSC_5670 DSC_5678

We made these baked pumpkin donut holes (basically mini muffins) over the weekend. If you like all things pumpkin, try them. You will not be disappointed!


That is all. Have a good one. :)