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Joining other favoriteers over at Moxie Wife!


Trader Joe’s Mints (their version of Peppermint Patties)DSC_5858

Only 3 ingredients! And 3 calories each! Just kidding about that last one, but they are so good you almost forget about calories.


Pumpkin Spice CoffeeDSC_5861

Sorry, is everyone over-tired from hearing about things pumpkin/ fall related? Well, then I’ll just whisper this and be done with it- you will want pumpkin to stick around all year after drinking this!



I love how their purpose isn’t solely utilitarian anymore:


and it is amazing to me how they work as accessories.CSC_5857

I feel all like:


This hilarious blog post:

25 Alpacas with the Most Amazing Hair Ever


You might need some tissues…


AND last but never least, one of my favorite blesseds, soon to be declared a saint, whose feast day was yesterday:

Bl. John Paul II

pope_john_paul ii

I cannot tell you how many people in my FB feed yesterday mentioned special connections to him in their life stories- so wonderful.

JPII, pray for us to join you in the house of the Father!

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