Pearls, I tell you.

Below are some pearls of wisdom I’ve collected over the years that I wish I could dispense to my past self, but since I seem to forget things an awful lot these days, I’m sure my future self will be glad I filed these away. Here goes:

1. You might be delighted to find a certain toy for Evie- something fabulous you think she’d play with for as long as a toddler can possibly be entertained, but at the end of the day don’t be disappointed to find she was content just playing with those stacking rings, your measuring cups, or lining up her shoes.


2. Buy quality nail polish.

Yes, self. I know it seems ridiculous to drop $7 on a bottle of nail varnish, but 1. it’s cheaper than a manicure, and 2. those cheap ol’ bottles of polish, that turned out to be little better than washable finger paints, were a waste of moolah (worth at least 3 lattes!) and are a sad sight on your dresser. So splurge- get the good stuff.

OPI and Essie are my personal favs, but I ain't no beauty guru and I'm sure there are many more great brands out there.

OPI and Essie are my personal favs, but I ain’t no beauty guru and I’m sure there are many more great brands out there.

3. This: Nosefrieda

Do you see the prominent "Snotsucker"? Apparently the Swedes don't mince words.

Do you see the prominent “Snotsucker”? Apparently the Swedes don’t mince words.

No matter how horrified your husband looks as you hold up the box, delighted at how much this product will change your life, or how vehemently he declares his undying opposition to said product, this sucker (ha!) works and is a keeper.

4. There’s a reason they make plastic nightlights…

DSC_5847and it has something to do with the toddler who gets out of bed in the middle of the night to play with the (non-toy) “Ang-ew yight”.

The delicate porcelain one, a gift from Evie’s baptism, is beautiful, but unless it is plugged into the ceiling, it will not be left alone.

5. Pray to St. Anthony for lost items. He.comes.through.

Remember this story:

You looked high and low for your favorite pair of sunglasses (not just any pair! Hand-me-down Kate Spades that were soo sturdy and so cute and so irreplaceable) for two weeks straight. Finally you came to the conclusion that Evie had, in a fit of “big helperness”, thrown them into the trashcan, or that they had fallen out of the diaper bag and were walking around on someone else’s head. You continued to pray to St. A, though, and one day on the way out the door at mom’s house, glanced down in a bag that belonged to her neighbor and saw them sittin’ pretty at the bottom.

5. It’s worth it to take fun outings with the kids, even if you’re the only one excited about the venue and the girls look equal parts unimpressed and irritable the whole time:


6. Keeping things like this in your freezer?

DSC_5853Always a good idea.