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So, the “volume two” business of this previous post is just for kicks, as a more appropriate title would be, “Confessions of a Distracted Mom”.

I try to postpone any internet usage until the girls are asleep, but this morning I received a notice, at long last, from ThredUP that they had an offer for the clothes I sent in last month. How could I possibly put off any longer browsing the selection of garments on their site? That credit in my account was just begging to be spent.

So there I sat engrossed in a search for some jeans while the girls entertained themselves with toys, when Evie walked into the room exclaiming, “Oooh, pitty pink!”. I squinted closely trying to make out what was cupped in her palms, and noticed it was large shards of broken ceramic. I tried to stay calm as I did a quick head to toe assessment of Evie to make sure she didn’t need stitches or tweezer surgery. I could not for the life of me place what object the shards had formerly been, and immediately extracted them from her palms. I then quickly made my way to her room to investigate.


Once a Noah's Ark lamp.

Once a Noah’s Ark lamp.

Did I mention that I had just speed-vacuumed her room earlier this morning for the first time in weeks? I guess I’ll put if off longer next time…

The thing is, I had heard a loud noise coming from her room several minutes earlier, but I just assumed her Little People house had gotten knocked over- clearly no reason to interrupt my incredibly important online shopping spree, right?

As I contemplate ways I can work on becoming a more attentive mother, I am offering thanks that she didn’t get hurt- I’m sure her guardian angel had a hand in that, and I’m gonna need all the help I can get, especially since Audrey has mastered the art of pulling herself up.

I so hope I did a thorough enough second vacuuming job to remove any and all remnants of that lamp!

I so hope I did a thorough enough second vacuuming job to remove any and all remnants of that lamp!

And for the record, if you’re reading this ThredUP, could you pretty please enhance your filter/ search options on your site? Because searching through 82 pages of button-downs just to look for a flannel shirt, well…