If there is some lottery out there for car tire issues, I’m pretty positive our number was drawn this past summer. In August one of the back tires sprung a leak and roughly once a week the low tire pressure light would come up on the dash. On the DAY Tim was taking the car in to get fixed, I was out driving and the tire blew about a mile from our house. I’m pretty sure this goes against all protocol for proper car maintenance/ safety, but I continued driving home (I had two hungry and tired kids with me- no way was I going to pull over only a mile away!!!). Anyways, the dealership said the tire blew in 3 different places; I didn’t see anything in the road, but with all the construction going on in our area who knows what non-tire friendly objects are lurking in the roadways.


Well, a few weeks ago the durned tire light starting coming on again, and one of the front tires seems to have a leak. Thankfully we have an air compressor, but the light seems to pop on whenever I’m running behind and really want to get on the road stat!


Speaking of games of chance, do you ever gamble with scheduled nap-times at home in the hopes that a car ride will instead lull your kids into a deep slumber? I went out to my sister’s house today, and it was during Evie’s nap-time, BUT since the drive is about an hour long I hoped with all the hope in my heart that she would sleep on the way. No dice. However, on the occasions the gamble does work, the feeling of victory is oh so sweet!


This post is too wordy for my liking so- unrelated photo!


I’ve been on the lookout for an inexpensive flannel shirt for a while, and for some reason I’m really really drawn to the pattern/ colors of Tim’s.



I even went so far as to think about using this technique from Ain’t No Mom Jeans to borrow his…luckily, for all parties involved, I found this little number below last Saturday at a thrift store!



Evie has recently acquired a penchant for headband wearing- rarely does she only wear one at a time, though (layering is all the rage, I hear). I love how she confidently carries herself around the house, and even through the store, sporting her style.


Why wear one when you can rock three!

And every time I see that ^ picture it makes me think of Julia Robert’s headdress in Runaway Bride. :)



And finally, I hemmed and hawed about mentioning this show but I’m just gonna throw it out there- Bletchley Circle. Only the first season is on Netflix and it is heavy subject matter so I’d recommend¬†reading the synopsis before pressing play. I’m hoping the 2nd season isn’t as grisly, but I have to say the British sure know how to make a gripping miniseries.

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