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Freezing gusty winds that chill you to the bone? Check. Winter weather has arrived (for us), and I think my Sunday mass outfits will just be some version of “sweater, scarf, skirt” from here til spring.



Cardi and shirt, Loft/ Scarf, gift/ Skirt, thrifted Loft/ Shoes, ancient

And can I just say that today I felt no “Parents, bring your kids to mass!” article in the universe could give Tim or myself an ounce of encouragement or comfort about  continuing to bring our wild offspring to mass? I don’t think anything shy of pediatric sedation will help control them…but we will of course continue to bring them, martyrs that we are.  (For the record they are *generally* well-behaved little ones except for that one hour on Sundays!)

Now that I’m done bellyaching, go visit Fine Linen and Purple for more WIWS. Have a good one!