Hmm…this is a pretty broad stretch of “dozen” for Cari’s Theme Thursday, but here’s my little number 12 related picture + story, anyway. ;)


Isn’t it heartbreaking to see a sick baby all curled up?

This day last year I took Evie to the ER for her first (and only) visit. Starting the night before, she wasn’t keeping anything down and we couldn’t get her to take any fluids. The continuous high fever and dry diapers had me worried about dehydration, so into the ER she and I went where she was diagnosed with…an ear infection.

At the time I was almost 40 weeks pregnant, Tim was in his night class, and on top of it all it had been such an emotionally draining week. It was a challenge for sure to hold my crying and upset little one with my gigantic protruding belly front and center while the ER staff assessed her, so I was SO incredibly thankful when Tim showed up at the ER late that night!

Anyways, it didn’t even occur to me until much later that the date was 12/12/12, so Evie has her own little memorabilia for the once in a 100 years date. ;)

Her ID band that I kept because...I keep things.

Her ID band that I kept because…I keep things.

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