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Joining Jen a little late for some quick takes this Friday night.


This week our area was blanketed with snow! And ice! And our power went out! Okay, it was only for about 4 hours in the morning, but it felt like a big deal, and we usually don’t get winter weather like that in December!



My first thoughts were, “Oh goodness. No power = no coffee, and I don’t think we even have anything instant lying around!” (shudder). Then I wondered what we were going to eat. Then Tim fired up the wood stove, threw a frying pan on top and scrambled some eggs, and broke out the French Press we haven’t used yet- he is a genius, that man.


I put up a little tree in Evie’s room, and she thinks it is the bombdiggity. Christmas lights just make everything more exciting. :)



So, this Christmas will be Audrey’s 1st and three days later we’ll celebrate her 1st birthday. I know a 12 month old won’t remember anything about such events, but I still want to make both celebrations special for her. At Home Goods I found a few birthday gifts she can use now (that won’t exacerbate the toy clutter that sprouts forth from our floors), and for Christmas (along with little gifts for each girl) I decided to do- shared gifts!


Like this Fisher Price Record Player:


Thing I love most about it? It plays normal (read: classic) songs!


And this little wooden table and chair set à la Craigslist.


It needs a little cosmetic work, but I don’t know if Santa could have done better for $20. ;)


Finally, for you mamas-to-be, this blogger has some of THE most adorable maternity outfits. Found via another blogger who complimented her outfits in a post- how do people make dressing for pregnancy look so effortless??

That is all. Have a good weekend, and head over to Jen’s for more takes!