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Linking up with Hallie to share some of my favorites from this week!


This awesome a capella version of “Little Drummer Boy”:

It has over 20 million views and I think our household has been adding a healthy amount of views per hour to that total. :)


Decorations that can double for fall and winter!

PicMonkey Collage

Over the weekend I stripped the wilted goldenrod and faded fake leaves from our grapevine wreath, slapped some greenery from our yard in its place, and called it a Christmas wreath. Clearly nothing fancy, but…FREE!


This book:

(Click picture for link)


I love having (many) prayers/ blessings etc. for various occasions and days of the liturgical year all in one place, AND having a hard copy.

No rifling through drawers to find that elusive slip of paper with that particular prayer, for a particular feast day that I just happened to remember, or scouring my Pinterest boards for that one pin in an online stack…It is all found in the book.


Having Tim and my mom come watch Evie in her ballet “recital”:


It really wasn’t very different from a regular class day but it was fun all the same.


Everyone else was dancing, but the mirror beckoned.

Everyone else was dancing…but the mirror beckoned.

It was so cute to see her class perform their bits of the Nutcracker! If your heart needs some cheer, a toddler dance class will fill it right up.


And along with that…

DSC_6684 DSC_6685 DSC_6686


Watching Audrey army-crawl her little heart out all over the open floor. I think she could have stayed there all day!

BONUS: Advent printable for

People Look East

That’s a wrap! Thanks to Hallie for hosting another week of fine favorites. Have a good one!