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I have to admit, when I’ve distanced myself for several days from this here blog I feel a bit like, “Wait, how do I blog?”. But yesterday was Audrey’s 1st Birthday so I’ll re-enter the blogosphere with a little celebratory post. :)

While Evie *really* bided her time making her grand entrance into the world, our sweet and energetic second born made a swift, fashionably late arrival. To be honest, during her pregnancy I kept mulling over how difficult the postpartum time was sure to be- berserk hormones, sleepless nights, also raising a toddler (who just started walking)… I prayed often for a happy and safe delivery and postpartum time. You know that quote, “God doesn’t give you more than you can handle”? A-MEN. After a whirl-wind delivery I absolutely didn’t think I could handle, God extended his grace upon us further by blessing us with a healthy, mellow tempered infant. I treasured the bonding time during our hotel-hospital stay where it was just me and Audrey hanging out (and chocolate cake for me with almost every meal!). She was content to be held and cuddled, and let us know when she was disgruntled by crying out just in little bursts. During her first check-up Tim even asked our family doctor if it was normal for a baby to be so calm!

The funny thing is, over the past few months Audrey has truly turned into quite a fireball who can for sure hold her own against her (sometimes overly affectionate) big sister. :) She never fails to amaze me with her new-found accomplishments or her persistence- like reaching so far over the side of the tub for a toy that she went in head-first! She is full of personality, very energetic, and a bundle of fun. I am so glad she still loves to be held and snuggled, and so very glad that she was given to our family.

MonthMonthsMonths2…12 months!

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Happy Birthday to our sweet girl!