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Because camel sounds better than tan, am I right? And the Wise Men are always shown with camels, so there’s that. ;)

Linking up with Fine Linen and Purple today for What I Wore Sunday. Happy feast of the Epiphany! I hope in future years our family will have some traditions to celebrate feasts like the one today but that takes a bit of planning, and planning for me currently looks like, “It’ll be dinner-time in about 2 hours…I guess I should thaw out some chicken?”

This post about celebrating the Christmas season, and how this particular family celebrates the Epiphany in a special way, really spoke to me. Especially this quote the author provided:

The ideal is to orient every element in our daily lives—prayer, study, work, play—toward the celebration of each feast or season, to allow the special light and grace and vitality of each feast and season to permeate every aspect of our lives. -Mary Perkins Ryan

Here’s what I wore to mass:

CSC_7094 CSC_7095

I think I should have pulled up the skirt a smidge more to make it look less frumptastic, and there is just no hope for my hair in an updo, so I won’t even discuss it.

Outfit info:

Sweater: Talbots (gift)

Skirt: thrifted

Shoes: Nine West via Ross

Laura had me thisclose to purchasing a pair of the lovely Princess Kate shoes with her great tip, but I told myself I did not need another pair of shoes (even though many bloggers have shown how versatile nude pumps are!), but *then* I received some birthday money and decided to invest it wisely. ;)

Head over to FL&P for more Sunday best! Have a good one!