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My children are allergic to sleeping in- I am sure of it. Well, let me rephrase that. Sleeping in for me is roughly 6am. Maybe 6:30 or 7 on a good (and rare)day, thanks to our chipper, young offspring who are up and at ’em before any sane person would dream of welcoming the new day.


Enter this kid friendly clock which I am *hoping* will give us a bit more sleep!


It lights up when it’s “ok to wake”

We haven’t used it yet, so stay tuned for an update…


On a more light-hearted noted, I love happening upon little moments like this:



Over the past couple of months, I’ve ordered a few pieces of clothing from ThredUp that I’ve been happy with, but to be honest I’m a little fed up with their return policy- you pay for the return shipping. I recently decided to return a pair of jeans ($11) I ordered that didn’t fit right, and asked Tim if he could mail them for me. He paid $11 to mail them (USPS), and that was their cheapest rate!


I had used store credit for the purchase and am out $11 for the shipping. :( It was clearly NOT worth it to return the jeans. It made me wonder if I was missing something. Has anyone else dealt with a ThredUp return? Is there a better/ cheaper way to go about it?


Got 100 seconds? How fun is this video of 100 years of fashion?


I know talking about the artic-esque weather that hit a large part of the US is most definitely old hat, but it has been frigid this week. Tim gave me this vest for Christmas and I’ve been living in warmth almost everyday- I love him for it!


(And I’ve been tempted to grab for that flannel shirt everyday too. :) )

Have a good weekend, and stop by Jen’s for many more quick takes!