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I received two books for Christmas that I am really excited to share about.  Now, I am lousy at book reviews, so bear with me! I’ll just say what I liked most about them in the most coherent way possible, sound good?

Bonnie recommended Deathbed Conversions on her blog, and as soon as I read about it I knew I wanted to read it- short stories about famous people’s lives that end in conversion to Catholicism? Hand me the book!!


I relish reading about the lives of celebs (what, you don’t secretly cheer when you see People magazine lying there in the waiting room? I do draw the line at OK!), but so many seem live lives full of heartache and emptiness- it’s depressing. The fact that these stories (still full of heartache) ended with a “yes” to God makes them…thrilling because you know a good twist is coming! And the book brings to mind my favorite lines uttered at the Easter Vigil, The Lord receives you into the Catholic Church.  His loving kindness has led you here”.

The Author, Karen Edmisten, also jolted me with this paragraph:

“Never give up on the potential deathbed conversions in your life. If there is a lesson in this book, it’s this: it is a grace and a privilege to be the friend who is still around at the end, ready to offer whatever is necessary to help another soul reach for Christ…It is the mercy of God at work.”

I don’t want to go into great detail, but those words have given me the encouragement I need to “keep on keeping on”. :)

Onto the next…

Small Steps for Catholic Moms, by Danielle Bean and Elizabeth Foss


Things I love about it:

  • Each day has a quote or Bible verse (a thought), a short prayer, and an idea of how to incorporate the thoughts and prayers into your daily life (an action).
  • Everything is short and sweet- boom, boom, boom.
  • There’s a theme for each month: Joy, simplicity, diligence, etc.
  • The theme is reiterated each day (the constant reminder works well for my meager memory!).
  • It is written for moms (obviously), by moms.
  • It has down to earth ideas like making “beer roasted chicken” for St. Augustine’s feast day (patron saint of brewers).

That’s all for now! If you have any great book recommendations feel free to share. Anything- really! I’m drawn to “fluffy books”, so no judgement here. :)