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Linking up with the fabulous Hallie for some Wednesday favorites!

I have to admit the post-Thanksgiving/Advent/Christmas time is my least favorite part of the year. I feel like it’s one big “womp womp” and I find it hard not to give in to the winter blues, so I try to look for little “pick me ups”- even the simplest thing will do. :)


Cozy Slippers


I recently purchased these slippers (in a lighter brown) from Amazon and oh my goodness they have changed my life. Previously I spent my days puttering around the house in a sad, threadbare pair of slippers that barely shielded my feet from our frigid wood floors- but no longer! These are gloriously warm, soft, cushion-y etc. It’s the little things. :)



Like Groundhog day and Super Bowl Sunday- for real. Okay, we don’t actually “celebrate” Groundhog day, but Tim and I make it a point to watch the movie, which always offers us a laugh and strangely gives us something to look forward to at the beginning of every February. And Super Bowl Sunday is always a nice chance to get together with friends or family and gorge partake of delicious finger foods!

groundhog day 1


When we were in high school my dad would organize a trip with our school every Superbowl Sunday to go into D.C. and hand out bagged lunches, and toiletries and clothing to the homeless. Afterwards we’d gather over at our house for pizza and the big game. I miss those trips and hope that someday my girls can have the same experience!



My side of the family has 4 birthdays and one Baptismal anniversary in bleak February, so we make it a point to celebrate! We don’t make a big to-do- just gather together with food, dessert, and candles.

celebrate all the things


Swap it out.


The girls have a plethora of toys, so I try to make it a point to put some away in a closet for several weeks or so and then switch them out. They don’t miss them but they do get excited when I pull out “new” toys! I’ve even switched toys from Evie’s room to Audrey’s and vice versa, and just that different environment kept the girls playing for quite a while. Minimal effort for the win!


Spring catalogs…

women-promoShoes pf-1hp5

Like Boden’s. Flipping through colorful pages of cute-to-the-nth-degree clothes is a great reminder that winter does not last forever and warm weather clothing is to come!

And I can’t help wondering if these adorable little girl dresses will be on clearance in time for Easter? ;)

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