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Yesterday was the Christmas party for Tim’s work and it was so nice to get out on a “date”.


I asked my sister to take our picture and was secretly so glad that she took a full length shot (this is vanity talking, here). I feel that every time I ask my dad or one of my brothers to take a picture of us/ our family, it’s only a face shot or *maybe* half-body at best:DSC_1749



When glancing through the pictures afterward I’m inwardly thinking, But my shoes/pants/skirt help make my outfit! Why couldn’t you take a full length picture?? Super important, right? Clearly I need a healthy heaping of humility in my life. Well, I think I received a good dose of that today at mass when Evie thought it was SO funny to shout, “poop!” several times throughout. Oh toddlers.

So here’s what I wore to mass:

DSC_7201 DSC_7204

I’ve worn everything before, except the blazer is Gap via Twice.

Have a good one, and be sure to visit Fine Linen and Purple for more What I Wore Sunday!