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One night last week after I had just given both girls their baths, I was in the middle of putting Audrey in her pjs and asked Tim if he could spare a few minutes to extract Evie from the tub and start getting her ready for bed. I recalled he had to leave shortly for a work meeting, so I changed my mind and asked if he could finish with Audrey and I would take over with Evie- who was just released from the tub and running giddily around in her birthday suit. Right in the middle of our exchange I heard Evie exclaim, “Uh-oh, it’s leaking!”, from the living room.


*I knew she was not referring to nasal drainage.*

My concern at the moment was more leakage, so I picked her up and scurried into the bathroom where I plopped her on the toilet only to find her nary a cc of urine left in her bladder. (Meanwhile Tim had flown out the door to his meeting.) After I put both girls down for the night I plopped into a living room chair, picked up the laptop, and became engrossed in the world wide web.

Fast forward about an hour- I was still in the same chair when Tim returned home but was able to tear myself away from the distracting ‘net as we started talking about our days. All of a sudden he looked down and started wiping up something on the floor with his socked foot.

The events of post bath time came rushing back to me as I muttered, “Oh no.”

Tim looked up, “Don’t tell me it’s spit…” (God bless him.)


Horrified gasp as he backed up.

I apologized profusely and went to grab the disinfecting wipes while Tim (semi-jokingly?) asked if I could please disinfect his foot too.

Oh parenthood. I know we are barely at the precipice of bodily fluid and excrement encounters, but hopefully from now on we’ll (okay, I’ll) be more vigilant about cleanup and will learn to question seemingly innocent “puddles” lying around. And I promise I try to regularly steam clean our floors, so don’t be afraid to come over! Except maybe at bath time. ;)