Linking up with Rosie today to share a smattering of things our favorite 2 1/2 year-old has voiced recently:

While I was happily clutching a women’s red/blue/white flannel shirt at my favorite thrift store:

Evie rather matter of factly: Dat’s Dada’s shirt.


I guess he did buy his first…


Cue Audrey crying in the background…

Evie: Is Audrey sad?

Me: Yes, she’s sad.

Evie: She need a Band-Aid on her face.

Hmm, maybe.


To our waiter wearing an all black uniform:

Evie: “Thank you, Fadder! Thank you, Fadder for bringing Mama’s water and Dada’s wine!”



In a less-than-stellar moment of parenting combined with selective hearing on Evie’s part:

Me: If you aren’t going to listen, then I will treat you like a baby.

Evie: Evie have a treat?

Me: NO.


Evie: What is dat?

Me: That’s Momma’s shampoo.

Evie: Evie poop?!

Me: (Hastily trying to nip the poop tangent immediately in the bud) No! That’s a bottle of shampoo


To the male clerk checking us out at Walgreens:

Evie: Thank you, nice yady*!

*Thankfully I don’t think he registered the “L” swapped out for “Y”!


After sneaking several cereal puffs from Audrey’s tray:

Me: Evie, it makes Audrey sad when you take her food and it makes momma sad to see you do that.

Evie: It makes Evie..happy!